Acupuncture to Treat Stretch Marks

Hello dear readers, Many people ask me if there is any treatment for striae (stretch marks), through Acupuncture and other Traditional Chinese Medicine resources. According to the Brazilian Dermatology Society, stretch marks are defined as cutaneous atrophies acquired when the collagenous elastic fibers (responsible for skin firmness) break and create “scars”. These fibers may break […]

Therapy with Gua Sha – what are the benefits?

Good morning readers! Today let’s talk about therapy with Gua Sha, known and practiced in the orient for thousands of years. The words: gua sha mean respectively shave and pathological factor. Therefore, the technique consists in shaving through the skin and to out of the body, the things that are bad for health. How it’s […]

The amazing art of saying NO – Submission in Chinese Medicine

Hello readers! Today let’s talk a bit about “the amazing art of saying no”. How many people you know, or even how many times have you, being that reads this post, have had trouble saying “no”, and ended up doing things you didn’t want to, didn’t need to or even maintained an unhappy relationship? In […]

Post-Covid Syndrome – Tongue Evaluation

Hello readers! Today let’s talk a bit about Post-Covid Syndrome, describing the tongue evaluation of a real patient. The patient we are talking about, reports having had Covid in August 2021, without need for hospitalization and suffering from light symptoms, such as tiredness, body pain, few respiration related symptoms and a bit of throat inflammation. […]

Acupuncture for Lupus Treatment

Good morning readers Today we are going to talk a bit about how Acupuncture can help treat patients that suffer from Lupus. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus is an inflammatory chronic disease, caused by the immune system, symptoms may appear in many organs, in a slow progressive manner (months), or a bit faster (weeks) and they differ […]

How to Cure Mycosis using Moxibustion

Good morning readers, Today let’s talk about how the Oriental Medicine can help heal mycosis. Mycosis is a disease caused by fungus that may affect skin, nails, scalp, crotch and genital region, as a result leading to the manifestation of diverse symptoms, such as: itchiness, redness, dark or light spots on skin, scaling injuries, deformity […]

Acupuncture for Trigger Finger Treatment

Hello readers! Today let’s talk about an interesting theme: how to treat trigger finger. Trigger Finger is basically the maintenance of the articulation in an inflected position, due to the affected finger tendon inflammation and stiffness. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, nourishment and good functioning of tendons relies on a good Liver functioning, thus, everytime we […]

About the Generation Laws (Mother and Son) and Control (Grandpa and Grandson) – Part 2

Hello Dear Readers! Today we are going to get into the second part regarding the laws that rule the functioning of the 5 Elements. In part 1, we saw the Son’s Mother Law (Generation Cycle). Using it, we are able to tone or sedate organs according to its positions Mother and Son as distributed on […]