Whole Wheat Flour x Weight Loss x Chinese Medicine

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Today, let’s talk about whole wheat flour, weight loss and what is the view of Chinese Medicine about the topics, improving your life.

A vast number of people think that replacing Wheat Flour for it’s Whole variation (Whole Wheat Flour) in their daily diet will increase the weight loss speed and even believe that flour is a ‘light’ food.

Unfortunately, that point of view about wheat flour is wrong. The wheat flour, being it whole or not, as the name dictates, comes from wheat and has amid in it’s composition, thus making it dangerous for weight loss diets or even for diabetes diets.

What is Amid?

Amid is a carbohydrate, made mostly by glucose. Produced by green plants as an energy storage. It is the most abundant and common carbohydrate in the human diet, found in vast quantities in foods such as potatoes, rice and wheat.

** keep in mind: people who suffer from diabetes cannot consume huge amounts of amid!

If both of them have amid, what are the benefits of consuming whole wheat flour?

Whole wheat flour is obtained by grinding whole wheat grains and maintains the structure of the bran and germ, which are the main nutritional sources of the grain. The main advantage over white flour is that it retains nutrients such as fiber and iron that are lost during the processing of common wheat flour.

As a result of this, the whole wheat flour has lots of health benefits, such as improvement on the intestine functioning (due to fibers), extension on the time that it takes for you to be hungry again (since it takes a bit longer to be processed), reduction in blood bad cholesterol levels and glucose reduction, if it’s consumed with moderation.

What about Chinese Medicine? How is the Whole Wheat Flour seen?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the wheat is considered a fresh food for Spleen and Stomach, and the wheat’s germ is a cold food. Thus, in huge quantities, it will consume Yang (heat energy) from Spleen, which is the main energy for weight loss.

Besides that, it has the potential to “cool down” Stomach, slowing and making the digestion process harder, resulting in an accumulation of sugar and fats in the body, prejudicing weight loss.

Spleen has the function of removing inner dampness from the body. Due to it’s cold and fresh essence, wheat’s germ and the wheat, are easily associated with humidity, being able to interfere in the Spleen action of removing it (prejudicing it) and in medium-term the patient may present phlegm accumulated on the body.

Phlegm is what creates the “masses” on the human body, such as located fat, cysts, snot (phlegm), tumors, and others.

Therefore, the whole wheat flour, used moderately, in the eventual replacement of other carbohydrate in the diet, will have nutritive benefits, however, if consumed frequently it will harm the metabolism and according to the Chinese Medicine the weight loss is gonna get harder day after day, may even result in further health complications.

A good option for the wheat reduction is the consumption of roots that have neutral energy for Spleen and Stomach and helps strengthen their functions.

You can consume wheat. Preferably the whole (wheat flour). AND ALWAYS with moderation.

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