Dairy Products and Sinusitis in Autumn/Winter

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Today I’m going to talk a little bit about the effect dairy products have, during Autumn/Winter, in particular for those who suffer from repetitive sinus inflammation.

The Autumn and Winter on the view of Tradicional Chinese Medicine, are seasons characterized by coldness and dryness. Therefore, those are the seasons where we usually feel the skin, hair, mucous of our body more dry. The skin may suffer scaling and get itchy, the hair loses it’s brightness, brittle, and the drier mucous, creating eyes and nose inflammations, mainly.

In Chinese Medicine, we know that dryness is a pathological factor. Owning the potential to consume body fluids and create inner heat symptoms, such as inflammations.

Given the mucous dryness, breathing becomes harder, the air filtering process loses efficacy, thus making the body prone to respiratory diseases, such as sinus inflammation.

During this year period, the body, trying to balance itself, gives his owner the will to consume foods considered wet (or humid), in special, milk and dairy products. Those are even a recommendation, in small quantities, for people who suffer from inner dryness, however, there is trouble once we exaggerate in these kind of food.

Milk and dairy products are hard to digest, according to the Chinese Medicine. Due to their humid nature, they block Spleen’s ability of removing the excess of humid and for the remains of this incomplete digestion, we call Phlegm.

The Phlegm, is a pathological factor, resulting from the inner humidity kept in the body without proper circulation nor elimination, for a long period of time. Is a mass creator, cysts, polyps, located fat, secretion (including the one that clogs the sinuses).

In addition to milk and dairy products having a humidity essence, predisposing to the situation described above, during autumn/winter, external dryness will cause the body, for protection reasons, to retain the humidity it obtains from outside. Therefore, these foods become even more the villains in the cause and worsening of sinusitis.

Thus, Chinese Medicine professionals must go against the consumption of milk and dairy products during all winter for patients that usually suffer from Sinus inflammation.

And, what should we recommend?

Foods considered fresh for the Earth Element are recommended to make the body promotes a bigger Jin Ye (body fluids) production, those basically are, healthy to the body. We usually say that Jin Ye are cleany, while Humidity and Phlegm are uncleany.

These are fresh foods for the Earth Element: cucumber, tomato, tangerine, apple and other, found on the link below: https://www.facilitatingacupuncture.com/therapeutic-food-tables/

Is also important that during the Autumn and Winter period, the patient keep Spleen and Lung strong, once that our body’s defense energy, the immunity, is dependent on the good functioning of these two organs.

Thus, I recommend the acupuncture points: SP3, SP6, LU7 and LU9. They can be treated with needles and also worked with moxibustion or acupressure.

Keeping the body hydrated with healthy foods, removing foods that worsen the perpetuation of Phlegm, leaving the immune system strong, without a doubt, the patient will spend many, many months without suffering from sinusitis.

I hope to have helped, and I hope that you liked it.

Big tight hug.

Profa. Fernanda Mara

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