How can Acupuncture help with Esthetics

Hello Readers!  Today let’s talk about a matter most people have interest and curiosities about: Esthetics. In present society, worrying about your body or how your face looks it’s a growing trend, and every day we see hundreds of new treatments arising, designed to make us look perfect and age prettier. Chinese Medicine already has […]

PMS Types in Chinese Medicine

Hello Readers! Do you have patients that suffer from PMS? Or maybe you yourself is suffering from PMS? So this text will help treat everyone suffering from this matter. The PMS, Premenstrual Syndrome is characterized by a number of symptoms that may even show up before the menstrual cycle, as headache, pain or swelling on […]

Tongue Evaluation – Heat and Cold Coexisting

Good morning readers Today let’s discuss a bit about Tongue Evaluation. If you have any doubts about this evaluation type, I hope this text will assist you. Today’s evaluation will be regarding the tongue shown in the post illustration. Everytime that we are going to evaluate a tongue, we must first observe the following criteria: […]