The Importance of Chinese Diet Therapy and Phytotherapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Good morning dear readers, Today our text is dedicated to talk a little about Diet Therapy and Phytotherapy and their importance in the practice of Chinese Medicine. In Chinese Medicine, diseases are classified as Excess or Deficiency, and what does that mean? Excess Diseases are those in which there is stagnation of Qi and/or Blood […]

Chinese Therapeutic Food and its Variations

Good morning Dear Readers, Today we are going to talk a little about Chinese Therapeutic Food and its variations in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Also known as Chinese Diet Therapy, this treatment resource is widely used within eastern therapies to promote the patient’s energy balance.  As we are talking about energy, its indications and contraindications are […]

Tongue Assessment – Fissure at the Tip

Good morning dear readers, I know how much you like a tongue assessment, so today I’m going to write a little with Tongue, which presents a fissure at the tip In Chinese Medicine you know that the tongue is a microsystem, that is, it is a region of the body that has a representation of […]



Fibromyalgia according to Tradicional Chinese Medicine

Are you feeling stressed and very angry? This video has Chinese Medicine tips to help you 🙂 Click at the link bellow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxkHbUvUpB8

How to relieve stress and anger

Are you feeling stressed and angry? This video can help you 🙂  

How to Strengthen Spleen Qi with Acupuncture and Therapeutic Tea

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