Can Anxiety generate Fear and Insecurity?

Good morning Dear Readers! Today we are going to talk about 3 feelings that have appeared very intensely in acupuncture offices: Anxiety, Fear and Insecurity. For Chinese Medicine, each organ has a relationship with a specific feeling and also with its consequences, that is, its imbalances. We consider Anxiety a normal feeling when it occurs […]

Possible Deficiency on the Women Breastfeeding

Dear readers, Today let’s talk a bit about breastfeeding and some consequences the women might suffer during such a special period. In Chinese Medicine, we say that mother milk isn’t just a food for the physical body, but also for the psychic and spiritual body of the baby. That is because the mother milk, from […]

The Lung and the notion of Limits in Tradicional Chinese Medicine

Good morning Readers! Today I’m here to write a bit about a little talked function related to the Lung in Traditional Chinese Medicine: the Notion of Limits. Let’s recap some functions of the Lung for Oriental Medicine: It is a power plant, capable of producing Wei Qi (defense energy) and Ying Qi (nutritive energy) It […]



Fibromyalgia according to Tradicional Chinese Medicine

Are you feeling stressed and very angry? This video has Chinese Medicine tips to help you 🙂 Click at the link bellow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxkHbUvUpB8

How to relieve stress and anger

Are you feeling stressed and angry? This video can help you 🙂  

How to Strengthen Spleen Qi with Acupuncture and Therapeutic Tea

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