Can Anxiety generate Fear and Insecurity?

Good morning Dear Readers! Today we are going to talk about 3 feelings that have appeared very intensely in acupuncture offices: Anxiety, Fear and Insecurity. For Chinese Medicine, each organ has a relationship with a specific feeling and also with its consequences, that is, its imbalances. We consider Anxiety a normal feeling when it occurs […]

Possible Deficiency on the Women Breastfeeding

Dear readers, Today let’s talk a bit about breastfeeding and some consequences the women might suffer during such a special period. In Chinese Medicine, we say that mother milk isn’t just a food for the physical body, but also for the psychic and spiritual body of the baby. That is because the mother milk, from […]

The Lung and the notion of Limits in Tradicional Chinese Medicine

Good morning Readers! Today I’m here to write a bit about a little talked function related to the Lung in Traditional Chinese Medicine: the Notion of Limits. Let’s recap some functions of the Lung for Oriental Medicine: It is a power plant, capable of producing Wei Qi (defense energy) and Ying Qi (nutritive energy) It […]

Chronic Pain – Should or Shouldn’t we practice Physical Activity?

Good Morning Readers! This week I decided to write a little about chronic pain and physical activity: when the patient is suffering with chronic pain, should he do or  not practice physical activity? I often receive in my office many people that say their doctor recommended physical activity suspension, because of disease “X” or disease […]

Anger, Stress and Chronic Pain

Good morning readers! Today let’s talk a bit about how everyday feelings affect the natural functioning of our body. We live in a world every day more rushed, and this constant worry and stressed state society pushes upon us, just worsens our stress and our anger over our body’s limit. This accelerated lifestyle is costy […]

Whole Wheat Flour x Weight Loss x Chinese Medicine

Good morning readers! Today, let’s talk about whole wheat flour, weight loss and what is the view of Chinese Medicine about the topics, improving your life. A vast number of people think that replacing Wheat Flour for it’s Whole variation (Whole Wheat Flour) in their daily diet will increase the weight loss speed and even […]

Dairy Products and Sinusitis in Autumn/Winter

Hello dear readers! Today I’m going to talk a little bit about the effect dairy products have, during Autumn/Winter, in particular for those who suffer from repetitive sinus inflammation. The Autumn and Winter on the view of Tradicional Chinese Medicine, are seasons characterized by coldness and dryness. Therefore, those are the seasons where we usually […]

The Main Causes of Diseases According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine

Hello Readers, Today I decided to make an unusual post about how the Chinese Medicine sees the main causes of disease. For those who are students in the health area, you may have already heard of a book called “Structural and Functional Pathology” by Robins. In this huge book, we have as main causes of […]