The Importance of Chinese Diet Therapy and Phytotherapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Good morning dear readers, Today our text is dedicated to talk a little about Diet Therapy and Phytotherapy and their importance in the practice of Chinese Medicine. In Chinese Medicine, diseases are classified as Excess or Deficiency, and what does that mean? Excess Diseases are those in which there is stagnation of Qi and/or Blood […]

Chinese Therapeutic Food and its Variations

Good morning Dear Readers, Today we are going to talk a little about Chinese Therapeutic Food and its variations in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Also known as Chinese Diet Therapy, this treatment resource is widely used within eastern therapies to promote the patient’s energy balance.  As we are talking about energy, its indications and contraindications are […]

Tongue Assessment – Fissure at the Tip

Good morning dear readers, I know how much you like a tongue assessment, so today I’m going to write a little with Tongue, which presents a fissure at the tip In Chinese Medicine you know that the tongue is a microsystem, that is, it is a region of the body that has a representation of […]

Acupuncture Based on Scientific Evidence

Good morning Readers, This week we celebrate “Acupuncturist Day”, here in Brazil. This date was created to exalt the importance of us Chinese Medicine professionals in the health of so many people. Acupuncture is known to have many benefits, such as the ability to relieve pain, calm anxiety and stress, help with fertility and labor, […]

Emotional Trauma, How Can Chinese Medicine help?

Good morning Readers, Today we are going to talk a little about emotional trauma. After 2 years going through a Covid 19 pandemic and currently following a moment of war in Europe, certainly talking about emotional trauma is really relevant. Let’s start by defining what emotional trauma is. According to the psychologist Luciene Fogaça (at […]

Acupuncture To Treat Post Covid Skin Problems

Hello dear Readers, Today we are going to talk a little about skin problems that can happen after Covid-19. Many patients have come to the office with many post-covid complaints and among them are several skin problems, from simple dryness to even flaking, itching, dermatitis, healing problems, acne, among others. But why can skin problems […]

The importance of “Emptiness” in Chinese Medicine

Hello Readers, Today our text will be a little different. I will talk about the importance of ” emptiness” in Chinese Medicine based on Taoist Philosophy, using the 4th step of the book Tao Te King- A Journey to a Perfect Path, by Solada Towler. The fourth step says: “The Tao is an empty vessel; […]

How to Treat Post Covid Fatigue According to Chinese Medicine

Hello dear Readers! In this new wave of the Omicron variant of Covid 19, I have received many patients with sequelae of Fatigue. Have you ever wondered, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, what does this mean? Why can a disease that primarily affects the Lungs cause such extreme fatigue? Let’s think according to the 5 […]