Possible Deficiency on the Women Breastfeeding

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Today let’s talk a bit about breastfeeding and some consequences the women might suffer during such a special period.

In Chinese Medicine, we say that mother milk isn’t just a food for the physical body, but also for the psychic and spiritual body of the baby. That is because the mother milk, from Oriental point of view, is made from Body Fluids, Blood and mother’s Essence.

Fluids are those that give the milk viscosity and allow it to circulate. Blood is the vital fluid which carries spirits that really give life encouragement and life to a new being, it is said that blood possesses celestial energy. The essences however, are the energy that rule the base, we can compare them to human genetics, being transmitted from parents to child.

With this in mind, we can observe the nobility in mother milk composition, according to Chinese Medicine. But, does such nobility and care on production consume the mother’s energy? Leading to energetic and lately physical unbalances?

The answer: Yes.

When the mother is on breastfeeding period, the bigger amount of energy absorbed from food, will be designated to blood and mother milk formation. As well as, mother’s essences and the fluids consumed, which are still being used. Thus, the mother will feel more hungry, and will need high quality aliments, many times in more quantity due to the fact that she is nourishing not only her body but the baby’s too.

If there is not adequate or sufficient alimentation, the mother might use her own vital fluids to compensate in the milk production, that is, may suffer from Spleen Blood Deficiency and the excessive spent will lead to Deficiency in Kidney’s Yin.

In case we add that up with emotional stress and overwork, the mother may develop these syndromes even more easily.

In order to avoid that such syndromes occur, we can as prevention, recommend:

  1. Diet Therapy:

Recommend to the mother, consumption of fresh foods for the Elements Earth, Wood and Water, thus making Blood and Yin formation easier, improving Spleen, Liver and Kidney functions.

Besides that, roots are always welcome, to improve blood production.

  1. Acupuncture Points:

It’s important that, with the diet improvement, the body is able to use the aliments to produce more Blood and dispatch more energy. The acupuncture points can help those functions. I suggest:

  • SP6 and SP8: tone Spleen blood
  • LV8: tone Liver blood
  • KI6 and CV4: tone Kidney’s Yin energy

Avoiding the Deficiency Syndromes, the mother will be able to breastfeed the baby for a longer time, with good and health milk volume. The milk will always be rich and give the baby the opportunity to grow and develop healthier and with improved immunity.

Remember: we must be even more careful about we women who choose for free demand. 

I hope that you liked it.

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Fernanda Mara

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