Tongue Assessment – Fissure at the Tip

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I know how much you like a tongue assessment, so today I’m going to write a little with Tongue, which presents a fissure at the tip

In Chinese Medicine you know that the tongue is a microsystem, that is, it is a region of the body that has a representation of the rest of the whole body. The tip of the tongue represents the Heart. So we can imagine that a patient who already have a fissure on the tip of the tongue can suffer with physical, emotional or energetic Heart imbalance.

We usually make the tongue assessment through its color, shape and condition of the coating (white covering of the tongue).

Thus, the fissure belongs to the assessment of shape change. A fissure shows that the tongue is not in its normal condition. The energy that maintains the contours of the body’s structures, including the tongue, is Yin energy.

Whenever we have a change in body form or structure, that includes a change in the efficiency of Yin Energy. Thus, a fissure in the tongue represents a Deficiency of Yin Energy of the reflex organ that occupies the position of the tongue in question, that is, if at the tip, a Deficiency of Yin of the Heart.

Yin energy represents cold, fluids, humidity. Therefore, when in Deficiency, it will produce symptoms of heat and dryness.

This fissure is at the tip, so we must think of symptoms of heat and dryness affecting the Heart and Heart, in addition to controlling blood circulation, it is extremely important with regard to the patient’s behavior and mental balance. It also controls sleep and speech.

So, thinking: with a deficiency of  the Yin of the Heart, the symptoms can be high heart rate, high blood pressure, restless mind, anxiety attacks, racing thoughts, lack of focus, frequent alertness, will talk too much and talk loud.

Obviously, the patient mentioned may not have all the symptoms, but without a doubt this knowledge is important to begin the diagnosis.

Other aspects of this tongue would be interesting to discuss, however, today the idea was to focus only on the tip.

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