Tradicional Chinese Medicine – Immunity – Part 2

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In the last text I wrote about the reasons why certain situations harm our immunity. Now is the time to write a text about how we can improve our immunity with the resources that Chinese Medicine offers us:

Acupuncture Points – World Acupuncture Federation Guidelines
The World Federation of Acupuncture, at the beginning of the Covid-19 (coronavirus) crises, issued a statement to acupuncturists talking about the effectiveness of some acupuncture points that collaborate in improving the immune system, given their functions described below. The following were cited: LI-4, PC-6, SP-6, ST-36, VC-6 and CV-4.

  • LI-4: has action to regulate Wei Qi (defense energy)
  • PC-6: moves chest Qi
  • SP-6: strengthens the Spleen (organ responsible for Gu Qi, which is the raw material for defense Qi)
  • ST-36: regulates Wei Qi, expels the wind
  • CV-6: strengthens the original Qi (which circulates in the meridians)
  • CV-4: roots the mind (shen), nourishes the blood

These points must be done at least once a week with needles. If not possible, it is recommended that they are stimulated with moxa at least once a week. If the patient has more time available, he can use it every other day.

It is important that in this moment of crisis, the therapist can teach patients how to self-apply moxa, thus, they will be collaborating not only to improve the immunity of the patient himself, but also of his family members.

About therapeutic food, we already talked about in the last post, but it is worth remembering that neutral foods from the Earth, Metal and Water tables are good allies in strengthening immunity. The tables can be found at the link:

Auriculotherapy can also be an ally in improving immunity. Ping Chuan points are particularly important in caring for the immune system. One is located inside the triangular fossa and the other in the antitrago region. In addition to Ping Chuan, it is considered important to place Shenmen, Kidney, Sympathetic, Spleen, Lung and the Anxiety point in case the patient is feeling particularly tense.

Using 10 drops of propolis dissolved in a glass of water once a day and consuming a small portion of royal jelly (the size of a soy bean under your tongue) every day for at least a month will keep your immunity strong.

We need to understand that often, the best way to attack is to defend ourselves.

I hope the text was helpful.

A big hug to everyone.

Profa. Fernanda Mara