Tradicional Chinese Medicine – Immunity – Part 1

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In times of pandemic, there is an urgent discussion on how we can improve our immunity to prevent the spread of opportunistic diseases. Everyone knows that maintaining a good diet, sleeping well, avoiding emotional stress and engaging in moderate physical activity are Western Medicine recommendations.

Chinese medicine basically follows the same recommendations and has precise explanations for each one, in addition to offering the possibility of treatment for each of the situations, as we will see below:

  1. Good nutrition
    In Chinese Medicine the main organs related to immunity are: Spleen, Lung and Kidney:
    – Spleen: produces Gu Qi, that is, the essence of food. The Spleen receives the food digested by the Stomach and transforms it into the energetic part of the food that will serve as raw material in the formation of the defense energy, known as immunity, in Oriental Medicine.

– Lung: receives Gu Qi from the Spleen and Qi from the air. With the sum of these two energies, it transforms into Wei Qi (Defense Qi). When the defense Qi is good, the patient’s immunity is good. If the Lung lacks energy to transform Wei Qi or the Spleen to form Gu Qi, the patient will suffer from low immunity.

– Kidney: it is the basis of vital energy. Distributes energy to all organs and viscera. Low Kidney energy may reflect low energy for all organs, that is, decrease the production of food and defense energies, mentioned above.

In addition, the Deficiency of Kidney energy, by law of 5 Elements, will consume the energy of the Lung, leaving it weak, preventing the production of Wei Qi.

In this way, foods that strengthen these organs are indicated. Neutral foods are suggested in the therapeutic feeding tables, found at the link:

Choose foods that you like and consume at least one of each table per day.

2. Sleep well

– Sleep, in general, restores the energies of our body. Sleeping well and waking up rested ensures that the kidney preserves our vital energy. When we spend long periods without sleeping well, or being able to sleep, but waking up tired, we have an additional expenditure of the Kidney Yin energy.
When there is Kidney Yin Deficiency, we cause internal heat, with long-term dryness of fluids, especially Lung Yin energy.
-As previously explained, when the Kidney is weak, it consumes the energy of the Lung (Law of the 5 Elements) impairing immunity.
-To sleep better, consider using points: Yintang, PC-6 and SP-6.
-To improve the quality of sleep, black sesame and jasmine teas can be used.
-In auriculotherapy, Anxiety, Tension and Heart points can be used.

3. Avoid emotional stress

-Emotional stress can cause internal imbalance in all organs. In general, Liver is the most affected when we refer to stress itself and also due to irritability, frustration and impatience.
-When the Liver Yang rises, due to the insult cycle of the 5 elements, there is a Lung Deficiency, which will be impaired in the production of Wei Qi.
-Therefore, we must avoid stress, however, when we find ourselves stressed, we must use points LR-2 and LR-3.
-In auriculotherapy, Liver Yang and Emotional Tension are indicated.
-Blackberry leaf tea and lemon water are great for reducing liver heat.

4. Practice moderate physical activities

-Moderate physical activity is one that does not cause extreme tiredness, but it is enough to keep the body warm, the blood vessels dilated and a harmonious flow of Qi and Blood.
-It is suggested that this activity take place for 30 to 40 minutes, 3x a week. It can be walking, Yoga, sit-ups, weight training, that is, any physical activity that pleases the individual.
-By avoiding the stagnation of Qi and Blood, the organs are well nourished and avoid any kind of pathology.
-If you feel very tired doing physical activity, it is suggested that you do it for less time. Massage for 3 minutes, bilateral at points ST-36 and Ki-1 will help with the disposition.
-Ginger and cinnamon teas will help the circulation of Qi and Blood.

Following these tips, we will be in agreement with Western Medicine in terms of preventing the loss of immunity.

We will continue debating this subject in another text on how to increase immunity!

A big hug to everyone!

Profa. Fernanda Mara