The amazing art of saying NO – Submission in Chinese Medicine

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Today let’s talk a bit about “the amazing art of saying no”.

How many people you know, or even how many times have you, being that reads this post, have had trouble saying “no”, and ended up doing things you didn’t want to, didn’t need to or even maintained an unhappy relationship?

In Chinese Medicine, the ability of deciding what you want and mostly what you don’t want, is related to the Gallbladder function.

The Gallbladder, besides having the capability of helping Liver during digestive processes, also has a very important psychic function, giving the person courage to take action, reducing shyness, granting focus and life sense and granting limits to yourself and others, in the decide what to do and not to do context.

When a person becomes excessively shy, developing what we name “pathological shyness”. An example would be, the person is unable to accept an awesome job offer due to a fear of: not feeling well in the work environment, of talking to other people, this person has a Weak Gallbladder.

On top of that, when a person gets into a “bad with him, worst without” type of relationship, this person allows abuse, such as, “he hits me everyday but I’m afraid of being alone”, or even submits itself to any order or command that wasn’t needed, assuming any responsibilities even if it isn’t need and turns itself into a state of complete submission in situations where it’s opinion or point of view should be take into account, we may say that this person has a Weak Gallbladder.

How do we weaken our Gallbladder?

The Gallbladder is weakened once we eat too much junk or fried food, or when we consume too much alcohol. This food type can contribute to the creation of gallstones, those which will weaken the gallbladder even more.

The Gallbladder may also weaken when the Liver is overloaded of medications, during life.

Besides that, the submissive behaviour by itself, weakens the Gallbladder, thus creating a vicious cycle, where the patients actions turn repetitive.

How can we strengthen the Gallbladder?

The acupuncture can help in attitude change, strengthening the decision power of the people who seek professional help. The points: GB39 + GB40 + GB41 are, combined, an excellent choice for the treatment.

Auricular points: gallbladder + liver and liver yang are also of big help.

Foods such yam, pineapple, grape, plum and eggs will help strengthen Gallbladder and positively affect the behavior of those who need to courage up.

That’s all for today folks.

Keep in mind that all people that live on this planet have desires, however not all of them can express them, be it because of fear or shyness. Anyway, we can only feel happy and free once we are able to express ourselves.

My warmest regards!

Profa. Fernanda Mara

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