Rhinitis According to Tradicional Chinese Medicine

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Today our subject is Rhinitis!
Rhinitis is an inflammation of the lining of the nose that can have several causes, such as a cold weather, a change in temperature, and most of the time, an allergic reaction. Rhinitis is characterized by symptoms such as nasal obstruction, runny nose, sneezing, itchy nose, ear, eyes and throat or changes in smell. The crisis can last from a few hours to days at a time.

In Chinese Medicine, rhinitis is characterized by an energy imbalance in the Lung. The Lung is responsible for producing Wei Qi (defense energy) and when the production of this energy is insufficient, the patient is more susceptible to infections and inflammations, such as rhinitis.

As it is, in most cases, a chronic problem, it is understood that a patient suffering from Rhinitis has a chronic energy deficiency of the Lung, and it must be strengthened, especially outside of crisis.

Points to strengthen the Lung: LU-7, LU-9, BL-13, BL-42, SI-11 and CV-17.

In addition to these points, it is important to relieve the patient’s symptoms when the patient is under crisis, so the following points (associated with the symptoms) are suggested:

  • LI- 4, LI- 20: treat coryza and nasal blockage. Opens and facilitates breathing
  • ST-3, GB-14, GB-1: treat itchy eyes
  • SI-19: treats itchy ears
  • ST-9: improves irritability and itchy throat

Some patients experience itching all over their bodies, which can start with a single attack of rhinitis. Thus, we can use the combination of LV-8 + LU-5, which cool the blood and stop the itch.

In addition, the ear points: Lung, Ping Chuan, Internal and External Nose and Urticaria can be great help in the treatment of rhinitis.

Therapeutic Food rich in neutral foods for the Metal element should also be added. For a complete list of these foods, click on the link: http://www.facilitanteacupuntura.com.br/tabelas-de-alimentacao-terapeutica/

Acupuncture shows excellent results in the treatment of rhinitis. And the patient should feel relative improvement in the first three sessions, with one session per week.

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