Covid-19, Diabetes and Acupuncture

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Today we are going to talk scientifically about Covid-19 related to Diabetes and Acupuncture.

According to Gupta, R. et al (2020), in an article published in the journal Elsevier, it cannot be said that a diabetic patient is more susceptible to contracting Covid-19, however, there is a real risk that the disease will be more serious and lead to death patients with diabetes as a basic comorbidity. The numbers shown in the article are:

  • In a study of 26 fatal cases, 42.3% of the patients were diabetic.
  • Another study showed that of 150 people (68 deaths and 82 recovered) diabetes could be a danger alert for Covid-19 complications.
  • In 72314 cases an analysis showed that diabetic people raise Covid-19’s mortality statistics from 2.3% to 7.3%.

The Brazilian Society of Endocrinology, in March 2020, cited that diabetic patients infected with Covid-19 may have a lack of appetite, spend long periods without food and even, under the use of pain medications, fever, among others, can easily deregulate blood glucose levels. Thus, the recommendation is for the control of measures to be done more frequently.

Scientific studies of Acupuncture point out that the point E36 and VC12 are important allies in the control of blood glucose in patients suffering from diabetes. Kumar, R. et al (2017) mentioned in their article that VC12 stimulation immediately lowers glucose in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Peplow, P. and Baxter, D. (2012) showed that the point VC12 and E36 when stimulated for an average of 30 minutes using electroacupuncture between 2 and 15Hz decreases blood glucose in humans and rats.

Based on this knowledge, would it be possible to help diabetic patients with Covid-19 inside hospitals, using the acupuncture points already studied with confirmation of their effectiveness? Would Acupuncture be a more natural glycemic control resource for patients who are hospitalized and need constant control? Would it be a safe technique, since excess medication can lead to hyperglycemia?

Currently, in Brazil, Acupuncture has no regulation. This means that visits within hospitals with this technique are not allowed or recognized. It is known that in Wuhan, the region where Covid-19 had its starting point for the world, Coronavirus treatments included, for the most part, Traditional Chinese Medicine resources, not only acupuncture points, but also herbal medicine, moxa therapy , among others, associated with western care.

It is necessary, that acupuncturists unite to show the effectiveness of the technique not only in its positive results reported by the patients, but also with scientific bases so that, in cases of great pandemics, we can help the patients also in the front line.

As long as this does not happen, we can continue using VC12 and E36 in diabetic patients, in our office, who are not contaminated with Covid-19, with the intention of helping with treatments to stabilize blood glucose and help with endocrine treatments of traditional Western medicine.

The benefits of acupuncture are certain. The more balanced a patient is in times of serious and opportunistic illnesses, the greater his chances of not being contaminated. And if contamination occurs, it is certain that your recovery will be faster.

There is no doubt that Acupuncture is a solid and safe way to protect the population.

A big hug to everyone.

Profa. Fernanda Mara

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