Collective hysteria and warmth of the heart

Good morning Readers!   

Today we are going to talk about extreme anxiety. Of uncontrolled mental agitation.

You may have heard someone say that the world is getting more complicated every day. That people are increasingly anxious. Or worse … are you saying and feeling all this?

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why things are going this way?

One of the biggest problems we have today is IMMEDIATISM. Everything is for yesterday. If we receive a message, we want to respond right away. If we have to solve something at work, we go without sleep even though we know that during sleep time that thing would not be resolved. If we post a photo on social media, we return to our page every 5 minutes to see the number of likes and comments. We want to know everything, we read everything, we interpret little and often we do not even check if the information read is true. Macabre legends and stories are created on the internet and become real threats just because they are shared by hundreds of people

The truth is that we have created an URGENCY that is not real. And with that, we become more and more anxious. We believe in everything. We are afraid of everything and we lose our ability to think coherently and we think too much.

This is how hysteria is created: behavior characterized by excessive emotionality or panic terror.

And how does Chinese medicine look at this situation?

In Chinese Medicine, who controls the quality and coherence of thoughts and attitudes, the feeling of mental agitation and discernment is the Heart. It is said that the Heart is the abode of Shen, that is, the Heart is the abode of the mind.

When we deal with a lot of information and get agitated, the Heart is energetically unbalanced, generating heat. Thus, every case of anxiety, mental agitation, difficulty in discernment, incoherence in acting and thinking, restless sleep, involves a Heat in the Heart, which for Chinese Medicine is a Syndrome, and needs to be taken care of.

By removing the Heat of the Heart, it is possible to make the individual become more calm and begin to have more tranquility.

And how can we reduce this agitation by removing the heat from the Heart?

The Acupuncture points: HT-7, HT-8, HT-9, PC-6 and PC-7, belonging to the Heart and Pericardium meridians, are of extreme importance, in addition to the Heart and Yang Liver ear points that are also important to calm down.

Eating foods considered to be cold for the heart, such as melon and watermelon is also an excellent option.

But above all, there is the tip for meditation and breathing exercises and the awareness that we are spending too much energy on things we shouldn’t be doing. We need to stop, breathe, understand and solve problems and never shake our Heart.

And remember. We are always an influence for those close to us

A big hug to everyone.

Profa. Fernanda Mara