Anemia in Tradicional Chinese Medicine

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Today we are going to talk a little bit about anemia.

Anemia is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the condition in which the hemoglobin content in the blood is below normal as a result of the lack of one or more essential nutrients. In general, it can be defined as any disease where there is a decrease in the amount of red blood cells.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, blood is produced through the normal function of the Spleen and Kidney. It is said that the Kidney produces bone marrow (responsible for the raw material and “plant” for blood production in the body) and the Spleen transforms the raw material produced in the Kidney into blood itself.

The most common syndromic pattern found in patients with anemia is Deficiency of Spleen Blood, which can occur after major surgery, accidents with a lot of blood loss, poor diet or even genetics.

Chinese medicine can help patients with anemia, using kidney and spleen toning points, such as: KI-3,    KI-6, CV-4, BL-23, BL-52 and SP-6, SP-8, SP-10, BL-20. However, just using acupuncture in cases of anemia, of any kind, will not be enough to totally improve the patient.

This is due to the fact that anemia is a Deficiency Syndrome, so the patient’s goal is to nourish the blood, increase its production, a situation in which only acupuncture needles are unable to perform.

For a better result, the therapist should indicate foods that assist in the production of blood in the body, such as dark green vegetables and roots … In this list we can include: kale, spinach, broccoli, green beans, endive, yam, cassava , parsnips, sweet potatoes, etc … Some grains can also help, such as beans, soybeans and lentils.

If we associate therapeutic feeding with acupuncture, the results will be faster and more effective.

In addition, the herbal medicine Gui Pi Tang is indicated to strengthen the blood of the Spleen and is an ally in the treatment, provided that it has in its entirety, indication for the specific case of the patient.

In auriculotherapy, some points can be used, such as Spleen, Pancreas, Kidney, Metabolism and will keep the patient treated from one session to another.

The association between western and eastern medicines is important in the treatment of anemia. Not only in the supplements and medications that the western doctor can pass, but in particular, in the control by blood tests. To find out if the patient is really better, in addition to his feeling on a daily basis, it is extremely important that the blood test findings are in agreement;)

I hope I helped all of you! We continue taking care of our patients!

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Profa. Fernanda Mara