Acupuncture for Lupus Treatment

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Today we are going to talk a bit about how Acupuncture can help treat patients that suffer from Lupus.

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus is an inflammatory chronic disease, caused by the immune system, symptoms may appear in many organs, in a slow progressive manner (months), or a bit faster (weeks) and they differ according to activities stages and remission.

There are 2 types of Lupus:

  • Cutaneous: manifest only with skin spots (usually reddish or erythematous – through capillary vasodilation – that’s why the name is erythematous lupus),
  • Systemic: one or more organs are affected.

The manifestations may occur due to skin inflammation, joints, kidneys, nerves, central nerve system and membrane that covers the lung (pleura) and heart (pericardium). Other manifestations may be caused by decreased blood cells (red and white cells), due to the production of antibodies that target those cells. Few other common symptoms are fever, weight loss, lack of appetite, weakness, dismay, that may show up isolated, or in group, and may also occur simultaneously or sequentially.

In Chinese Medicine we find various organs that may be related to Lupus origin and its consequences, they are:

  1. Spleen

Together with the Lung, the Spleen is responsible for the Immune System, thus, a good way of preventing autoimmune diseases is keeping Spleen strong.

This responsibility is due to the fact Spleen makes Gu Qi (Food energy that comes together with Lung’s energy forming Defense Energy) and Blood. Therefore, people with a weakened Spleen will suffer from fatigue, anemia, and other blood diseases, besides appetite alterations.

When we are talking about Lupus, strengthening Spleen will improve tiredness, dismay, appetite loss, and weight gain symptoms. To improve Spleen’s energy, I suggest: SP2, SP3 e BL20.

We may also use the Spleen point in auriculotherapy. Also, in Chinese therapy diet, it’s recommended to consume neutral aliments from Earth Element.

Due to its importance in the energy chain, it’s recommended that Spleen be always strengthened in patients that suffer from Lupus.

  1. Lung

In Chinese Medicine the Lung is responsible not only for the respiratory system (pleura included) but also for the skin. Therefore, people that suffer from Lupus related skin spots or injuries, must have this organ strengthened.

On top of that, the Lung is also responsible for Wei Qi (Defense Energy) production, thus, it’s very deeply related to the capability of avoiding pathogenic invasions.

Once we strengthen the Lung we will improve fever and skin spots symptoms. That’s why, I suggest the following points: LU5, LU7, LU8, BL13.

In auriculotherapy we may use Lung and Ping Chuan points that will support the immune system improvement. In Chinese Therapy Diet, neutral aliments for Metal Element will help control the symptoms. If there is fever, fresh aliments in the same chart will help.

Just like Spleen, the Lung must be strengthened in all people who suffer from this pathology.

  1. Kidney

The Kidney is the organ responsible for Vital Energy, for the individual essence. It’s who dictates how long we will live and how long we will be healthy during this time. Thus, when Lupus attacks the Kidney, creating urinary problems, nephritis, articulation pain, and bone evolvement, we are talking about a more severe stage of the disease, since the organ that determines longevity is energetically affected.

In order to strengthen the Kidney, I recommend the points: KI3, CV4, GC4, BL23 and BL52.  If there is nephritis, the point CV3 may be added as well as KI2.

In auriculotherapy the Kidney point will be helpful. If the patient is feeling pain from urinating or articulation pain, the analgesic point can be used.

Neutral aliments from Water Element will help strengthen Kidney.

  1. Liver

In Lupus, the Liver may be affected. This is because in Chinese Medicine, who maintains the harmonic Qi flow (energy and blood) is the Liver. If Spleen, Lung and Kidney are in imbalance, the organs which produce energy and blood, lethally the Liver will lack in raw material to do his job, and will enter a state of imbalance.

In order to realize maintenance in Liver functions I suggest the points LV3, LV8, BL18 e BL47.

In auriculotherapy, we may use the Liver point, if there are changes in mood, such as irritability. However in feed, if we maintain the same line of thought, consuming neutral aliments from Wood Element in the chart. If there is fever, fresh aliments may help.

Acupuncture and Chinese Diet Therapy won’t heal Lupus, however, the disease control as well as a delay in possible evolutions. The symptoms will weaken themselves or even disappear in some people. Acute crises may be spaced.

Therefore, without any doubt, the Chinese Medicine approaches are very useful for patients who suffer from this pathology.

I hope that you liked it and the text was useful.

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Profa. Fernanda Mara. 

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